All about the laces.

All about the laces.

Make shoe lacing fun!

Often, while lacing our shoes, we nervously pull the ends of the shoelace and try to tie a knot that won't come undone during sports activities. Loose laces can be dangerous as they can cause us to trip and get injured when we step on them.

However, there is a type of shoelace that eliminates the need for complicated lacing methods. These laces are elastic and can be easily inserted into our sports shoes.

When were shoelaces invented?

Shoelaces have been around since the appearance of shoes themselves. In fact, even among prehistoric artifacts, leather straps have been found used to secure footwear to the soles of the feet. Over time, the position and material of laces have changed. They were often placed on the side, leaving the front of the shoe free for decoration.

In the 19th century, the form of shoes and shoelaces that we are familiar with today emerged. The advantage of this design was that the width of the footwear was not limited; it could be adjusted freely using the laces. We can say that laces will continue to be essential in the future, but innovative variations make it easier to put on shoes.

Accessories related to footwear

If you take a look at our accessory products, you will see how many special items we have prepared for you.

We have insoles that assist in transitioning to barefoot shoes, essential laundry bags for safe washing, toe separators for correcting deformed toes, waterproofing agents to ensure the water resistance of your footwear, and of course, various colors and designs of shoelaces waiting for you to add them to your cart.

Shoe lacing has never been easier!

An invention came from America that allows us to wear shoes without tying them, and it's called Hickies 2 no-tie shoelaces. If you use these, you can forget about tying your shoes because you won't need to do it anymore.

All you need to do is lace them into your footwear once, and from then on, you can easily put on and take off your shoes without bending over or dealing with knots. This latex-free product comes in one size that can be adjusted after lacing to fit perfectly. The package contains 14 straps, which is enough for one pair of shoes. We offer them in various colors, such as white-rose gold or exciting neon shades.

The traditional lacing doesn't have to be boring!

If you prefer traditional laces, you can make them more diverse and exciting by using different lacing techniques. In addition to the standard method, you can find countless creative lacing styles on the internet, allowing your favorite shoes to look different every day.

Our Leguano shoelaces are 110 cm long, so you can practice various techniques with them. They come in black, white, yellow/black, black/yellow, pink/grey, blue/white, neon yellow, and neon green. Choose a color that matches your footwear or go for a completely different color to create a contrast that will spice up even the most ordinary shoes.

Forget prejudices and the usual, mundane solutions! Choose a color that you like and wear it proudly. Stand out even in the process of lacing your sports shoes because you don't have to settle for average solutions!

Whether for sports, hiking, or everyday work and walks, it is essential to wear comfortable footwear that protects your feet and prevents musculoskeletal

problems. Our barefoot shoes provide the perfect solution. Choose your latest footwear and add a brand new shoelace to it! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the provided contact information, and we will be happy to assist you!
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