Barefoot sandals, ultimate freedom.

Barefoot sandals, ultimate freedom.

Barefoot sandals, if you can choose only one footwear, let it be this!

Trying out barefoot sandals is the best decision you can make this summer! Believe me, your feet don't want anything else but to enjoy the summer, hiking, barbecues, cheerful summer evenings, all comfortably and without blisters or other injuries.

If you want the best for yourself and your feet, come with us on our journey today, into the world of barefoot sandals!

Hurray, we're going on vacation!

We never forget the dilemma we face when packing our open suitcases for our summer vacation. Wherever we're going, packing shoes is the hardest task, for several reasons.

First, we need to consider the weather, and second, the activities we'll be doing. It matters whether we'll be soaking ourselves at the beach all day, wandering around the city, or perhaps planning to go rock climbing.

We look at the suitcase and wonder how we're going to fit hiking boots, sandals for the beach, water shoes, sports shoes, evening shoes, comfortable shoes, and city walking shoes into it.

No matter how we try, it seems like too much, but we don't want to give up on any of them. And we have good news! You don't have to!

In the barefoot world, we have universal shoes!

And not only are they universal, but they can also be folded up small, they're flexible, and they take up very little space. This means that not only do you have to pack fewer shoes, but they also hardly occupy any space, so you can comfortably fit your favorite outfits into the suitcase.

What kind of footwear will you need in summer?

Now let's get to the specifics of what kind of footwear you should bring with you. We narrowed down the shoe list to two types of footwear: one of our barefoot sandals and any closed-toe barefoot shoes!

Feel free to browse through our sandals because you'll find a wide selection of women's and men's, and even unisex models. If you prefer the toe separator version, go for it, but you'll also find classic-looking sandals.

Let us draw your attention to a super new piece, the Leguano jara mustard yellow sandals, which are one of the coolest footwear choices for the summer. The color radiates joy, and the cork insole absorbs any sweat. The upper part is soft, so you don't have to worry about blisters, and the sole is extra flexible, making it comfortable and slip-resistant.

The role of barefoot sandals

You can use the barefoot sandals for street walks, take them to the beach, and with most versions, you can confidently step into the water because they'll dry in no time. Thanks to their slip-resistant sole, they are also suitable for hiking.

Barefoot shoes are also versatile

In case the weather turns bad, you'll have the other pair with you, namely, the closed-toe barefoot shoes, in which you can also explore the city, go hiking, run your morning laps, climb rocks, and they can also be compressed into a small space during your travels.

Why are barefoot shoes the winner?

We have already talked a lot about the positive health benefits of the barefoot feeling, but let's mention here the qualities that can help eliminate back and lower back problems, foot pain, prevent bunions, hammer toes, ingrown nails.

The thin, flexible, slip-resistant, and heelless sole, wide upper part, lightweight, and innovative materials together guarantee that you won't even want to take off these shoes at the end of the day. In fact, you might forget you're wearing them!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us using our contact information, and we'll be happy to answer!
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