Barefoot Summer!

Barefoot Summer!

Summer is almost here, barefoot sandals are waiting for you!

Summer is a time of holidays, good weather, vacations, evening bacon roasts and barbecues, trips and nights out, and of course, barefoot sandals. How much did we miss all these things in winter? But cheer up, because as soon as summer arrives, we can put on our sandals and head to the most popular destinations to enjoy the scenery, activities, good food, delicious flavoured lemonades, ice cream and of course lots of laughs!

The summer footwear selection

What footwear to wear in summer? Many people stop at trainers, which they then wear almost every season. We're advocates of always wearing footwear that you feel comfortable in and that makes you feel comfortable in everyday. If it's a sneaker, feel free to wear it in the summer, as our shoes breathe and are very comfortable, and if they get tangled, just throw them in the washing machine and you can put them back on.

However, we're also advocates of persuading you, how about stepping out of your comfort zone a little and trying our barefoot sandals? After all, these footwear are specifically designed for the summer heat, so wearing them will definitely keep your feet from sweating, as well as giving you a wide range of options.

Our range of barefoot sandals

As with our other footwear, we've put together our range to include only top quality products, ones that we've tested ourselves. We can recommend them to you with confidence, as they offer the same comfort and safety as our other barefoot shoes.

We have sandals from two brands, Bosky and Leguano. Some of the sandals are unisex, so men and women can wear them with confidence. We have two types of sandals, toe and regular. Each footwear is freely adjustable with straps, so it will fit your feet exactly.

Importantly, yes, these are barefoot sandals, so they offer the same barefoot feel as shoes. They feature a thin, heel-less sole, which of course has a special anti-slip design.

The Bosky Enduro 2.0 X sandal is unisex, so it's suitable for everyone. Classic strappy sandal with Velcro adjustment. Its medium thickness sole makes it perfect for all terrains, even extreme conditions. The sole has a unique pattern that makes it flexible, durable and grips well.

When to wear barefoot sandals?

Because they have a special sole that won't make you slip, you can wear them for hiking, even if you're crossing steep or rocky terrain. It also works as a hiking sandal, especially because if a stream gets in your way and you get wet, it won't hurt you, but will protect your feet and dry in no time.

They're also perfect for summer city walks, sightseeing, visiting castles and summer outdoor activities. If your work allows, you can wear it there, but you can also run and play sports in it!

A lakeside swim or a beach holiday? There's no better footwear than barefoot sandals. Feel free to go in the water in them, as they'll protect your feet from rocks, stones and sea urchins. No need to change your footwear, just take one shoe: your barefoot sandals!

Did we get you in the mood for this footwear? We hope so! If you'd like to try it on before you buy, come visit us in our store in Székesfehérvár, where you can not only try it on, but also test it in the multiple terrains set up in our store! We also welcome your enquiries at our contact details!

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