Cool shoes for dudes... yep.

Cool shoes for dudes... yep.

Cool shoes for dudes are itching to move in with you!

Let's get this straight, cool shoes for dudes are a must-have for your shoe closet. So, when you're headed out for an awesome night, you'll always have a pair ready to rock. With us, you're guaranteed to find footwear that's not just healthy and comfy, but totally on trend too!

Our blog will introduce you to our range of men's shoes, and we'll even highlight a trendy model just for you.

Variety ain't just for the ladies!

Men's shoes often swing between two extremes. One end of the spectrum is the sleek, often square-toed dress shoe - a staple in every manager's wardrobe, but also a go-to dress shoe for all men. The other end? Your everyday sport shoe, the one you just throw on and wear all through the winter/summer/spring/fall.

But guys, there's so much more variety in men's footwear! Your sport shoes don't have to be your constant companions. Try something different and you'll see how much more stylish you can be in comfy men's barefoot shoes. Plus, we're pretty sure no one will miss your trendy new kicks.

Cool shoes for dudes are waiting for you right here!

In our online store and in our Székesfehérvár shop, we've curated the best barefoot shoes just for you. You'll only find shoes we'd happily wear ourselves, ones we've tried and loved.

Brands like Ahinsa, Artra, bLifestyle, Bosky, Freet, and Leguano have proven their worth, so we can recommend their products with confidence. These brands are committed to sustainability, care about protecting animals and the planet, and importantly, make healthy shoes that make life easier for the wearer.

Stylish shoes can be comfy too

In fact, all our stylish shoes are comfy and healthy. No need to worry about squeezing your feet into your new purchase, because all our shoes are designed with a wide toe box. You also don't have to worry about ending up with back, waist or foot pain. Barefoot shoes are specifically designed to prevent, and even eliminate, these problems.

Our cool shoes for dudes provide flexible and active ground contact, are slip-resistant, made from innovative materials, super lightweight, and most of them are even machine washable! Plus, they're breathable, ventilating, so even if you go sockless, your feet won't break a sweat.

What products can you find on our site?

Just because you're committing to the barefoot vibe, doesn't mean you have to give up variety. We've curated our stock so that you can find footwear for every, and we mean every, occasion. If you're into sporty style, check out our sports shoe selection, and if you're into hiking, we've got a variety of hiking boots waiting for you.

We're not far from the elegant side either, with dressy and office shoes in our lineup. Casual cool kicks are waiting for you and the ever-popular sneakers are here on our site too.

The Artra Moon Black and White sneakers are street shoes with a white sole and black upper. Available in sizes 38-46, they're great for teens too. Known for their flexibility, provided by the injected EVA sole which has neither stitching nor glue, the Moon sneakers are sure to become your go-to pair. The cell-shaped sole gives your toes enough space, and the waterproof leather upper will surely make it your favorite shoe!

Cool shoes for dudes are waiting for you. Check out our selection and experience the barefoot feeling too! If you have any further questions, hit us up through our contact details.
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