Lace up boots are timeless for a reason.

Lace up boots are timeless for a reason.

Cool and trendy lace-up boots for the winter chill, spring wind, summer festivals and autumn rains!

The lace-up boots have been very fashionable for decades and we can say that they are loved by almost all ages! Their popularity is unbroken, fashion trends and extreme designs are always on the runway and in everyday life.

And why will this type of shoe always be our favourite? In our blog, we've put together 6 arguments to prove it!

1. Universal wearability

Wearing boots is not at all seasonal! You might think that if you wear boots, you should wear them in winter. But you'll find that they sit on our shelves in all seasons, and we don't put them away for a break in the summer.

And there's only one reason for that: we still like to wear them in summer, whether it's to a festival, a date night out, a cooler day or a summer shower.

We find a way to jazz up our outfits in every season, and if you choose from our range of lace-up boots in our unisex collection, you can even have matching boots with your partner.

2. They look great with a variety of outfits

You can wear the women's lace-up boots with slim fit trousers, but you can also get a very cool look with a mini, midi or maxi skirt. If you choose the Ahinsa Jaya lace-up boots, pair them with a cool dress and all eyes will be on you.

In the winter chill, add a winter insole to the boots and you'll be sure your feet won't get cold at all, no matter how chilly it gets outside.

3. Barefoot lace-up boots are healthy

That's because they're designed by physiotherapists and doctors. The soles of the boots are thin and flexible, so every step you take requires the muscles in your foot to work, which strengthens your foot, your arch and your ligaments and tendons become stable. You will be pleased to find that your back and other musculoskeletal problems will gradually disappear.

4. The lace-up boots are comfortable

In addition to the soft and flexible sole, comfort is also ensured by the wide foot, which allows the toes to spread freely on the ground. As a result, the foot and toes take up their natural position and are not crushed like in an ordinary shoe, where bunions and hammer toes can develop.

As a result, you can spend long periods of time standing or walking in these shoes without getting tired or sore. Those who practice martial arts will experience better balance and greater freedom of movement.

5. You can use them safely on all terrains

Feel free to wear our shoes to work, no matter what you're wearing all day, but wear them at your leisure too. Hike, climb mountains, walk around town or in the woods, play sports in them - they're slip-resistant so you won't slip, even in rainy, muddy or icy weather.

6. They're great for all ages!

No matter how old you are, lace-up boots look great on everyone! Your age doesn't dictate what you wear, your style does. Feel free to wear them at any age and don't be afraid of colour. Be unique and captivating, you dictate the fashion!

Lace-up boots have countless benefits whether you wear the shorter or longer version. You can wear them anytime, they will always give you a fashionable look. You can also buy the footwear in our webshop, but if you want to choose in person, we welcome you in Székesfehérvár, where you can try our products in special fields in our form-fitting shop. And if you would like to ask us any questions, just contact us!

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