Men, and barefoot shoes

Men, and barefoot shoes

The men's version of the barefoot shoe works in every situation

Whether you're on a day job or a weekend getaway, you can always rely on the men's version of barefoot shoes. It never lets you down, it protects and protects your feet, it takes care of your natural foot shape and last but not least, it's comfortable and healthy to wear. Browse our range and choose the models that work for you. Give them a try and you'll see that your feet will thank you for this choice!

Men's feet can be beautiful too!

Don't be modest just because you were born a man. We have vanity in us too, we want to look good too. People naturally look at our face first, and obviously our physique. That's why we go to the hairdresser, shave or have a stylish beard trimmed at the barber, wear perfume, or even go to the gym.

But what about our legs? Think about it. You're looking great, you're wearing cool clothes, you're feeling good, and then there comes a time when you have to take your shoes off. Don't think about anything bad, just say you're going to the beach or the swimming pool. And that's when your image is shattered, anyone who looks at your feet will see a huge bunion, maybe a fungal toenail or a huge hammer toe. Your toes get congested, so they don't ventilate and all sorts of negative processes start going on inside.

Let's not go on, shall we? Well, it doesn't have to be that way! In fact, we're convinced that men's feet can be beautiful and well-groomed, and that it adds a lot to their appearance!

How can we achieve this result?

Well, here we come and men's versions of barefoot shoes that ensure that the toes are kept in an ideal position, thereby preventing or correcting deformities. If your toes are no longer pressed against each other but are in a normal position, it means that your feet won't sweat and your toenails can heal.

All the shoes in our men's collection are suitable to prevent the above problem, which we stress is not just an aesthetic problem, but a functional one too! Our feet in their natural state look like a baby's feet, consider this as a basic.

The men's type of barefoot shoe imitates walking barefoot!

And why is this good for you? Well, because it allows you to strengthen the muscles of the foot and sole, which will help you achieve the ideal condition for your feet. The thin soles of minimalist shoes stimulate the reflex zones of the foot with every step, allowing you to walk consciously and healthily, strengthening ligaments, muscles and joints.

The Freet Mudee Cherry Brown Boots are truly multifunctional footwear, as they can be used in a variety of situations. The upper is made of second generation microfiber material that looks like leather but dries much faster. Another advantage is that it is waterproof, yet breathable.

The foot is wide enough to fit barefoot, so the toes fit comfortably without getting clogged. The sole is thin but flexible and slip-resistant. The insole helps with shock absorption, but you can also buy a thicker insole, which will be a great help during the adjustment phase.

What problems can you say goodbye to?

These shoes are designed by physiotherapists to help with problems such as low back pain, back pain, flat feet and other musculoskeletal problems. This means that if you wear the men's type of barefoot shoes regularly, the above problems will be alleviated.

Our barefoot shoes are a guarantee of health, come and visit us at our store in Székesfehérvár and try them on or order them from our webshop. Contact us if you have any further questions.

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