Men's minimalist shoes can change your life

Men's minimalist shoes can change your life

Men's minimalist shoes can change your life

Switching to minimalist shoes will take your feet to a new level of development. If you're still getting to grips with the barefoot feel of barefoot, you're looking at a step forward that your feet will look back on with gratitude.

Because men's minimalist shoes will train and develop your muscles with every step, forcing you back into a natural, healthy gait and eliminating any spinal or foot problems you may have.

Why minimalist?

Minimalist, meaning minimal thickness of sole and weight, but with maximum comfort and safety. What's more, our men's collection offers you a range of styles to choose from, as we've tried to bring you the coolest models from the best brands.

Of course, minimalism is just the name of the game, because these shoes represent perfectionism, having been designed by doctors and physiotherapists, long research and scientific discoveries.

Many of the materials used are also made with modern, innovative technology - we have uppers made from coffee grounds, vegan materials, sustainably sourced models, and even leather shoes made with organic, vegetable tanning.

bLIFE urbanSTYLE shoes are a model you can wear almost anywhere. The combination of black leather upper and white sole is very fashionable, the shoes are extremely lightweight and can be folded small.

What is the difference between wearing normal shoes and barefoot shoes?

In barefoot shoes, the muscles in the sole of your feet are forced to be much more active and will develop and get stronger. When walking in minimalist shoes, your feet will be stronger, your foot structure will be healthier, ligaments and tendons will be more stable.

However, this is a process of unique length, because if you are currently wearing normal shoes, the muscles in your feet are used to active work. The soles of normal shoes are thick and even contain insoles, which makes the muscles in your feet even more relaxed.

Weakened muscles will not be able to hold the arch of the foot in place, so it will soon sink and the ligaments will become weaker.

How do you start wearing men's minimalist shoes?

We don't know where your feet are in the above process. Are you experiencing pain, sinking of the shoulder and how stable are the ligaments? As you have been wearing normal shoes, you will need to get your feet used to minimalist shoes. Inspire yourself that this is a training process where you can see from where you are to where you are going!

For what occasion can these shoes be used?

You can wear them practically anytime. At work, in your free time, for hiking, or even for training. However, you should take it easy and go full steam ahead with your training once your feet are strong enough.

Barefoot gives you the experience of walking naturally and also eliminates pain caused by incorrect movement. Come and see us or order and if you have any questions, contact us!

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