Responsibly farmed wool insoles for a cozy and warm shoe interior.

Responsibly farmed wool insoles for a cozy and warm shoe interior.

Responsibly farmed wool insoles for a cozy and warm shoe interior.

We all have our favorite shoes that we wish we could wear all year round. Wool insoles mean that no matter how cold it gets outside, you don't have to give up on shoes that don't have a warm lining. When you use this product, you can feel confident to wear almost any closed-toe footwear even when it's flying below zero outside, as this accessory will instantly make your feet feel soft and warm.

What does it mean to wear barefoot shoes?

Thanks to their ideal design, barefoot shoes give your feet a heavenly walking experience by modelling your natural gait. However, if your feet have been in traditional shoes for a long time, you may not be quite ready to spend the rest of your day in barefoot shoes.

In traditional shoes, the muscles in the foot and sole become completely relaxed and lazy, as there is no need to hold the foot in place. As a consequence, as soon as you take off these shoes, you can see that weak ligaments, joints, tendons have caused ankle sagging, often deformed big toe, hammer toe, bunions have developed.

Barefoot shoes, however, ensure that the muscles of the foot are strengthened again when walking, with the undisguised intention of restoring the foot to health and eliminating musculoskeletal complaints that have already developed, such as back pain, lower back pain, heavy feet and knee problems.

Wearing barefoot shoes

So if you're buying your first barefoot shoes, you may also want to take a look at our accessories section, where you'll find useful tips on how to wear them.

One of these important accessories is the insole, of which there are several on our site. In the first phase of getting used to your barefoot shoes, until the muscles are sufficiently strengthened, the thin soles of the footwear can feel strange, so we recommend buying Connect Comfort insoles, which will slightly thicken the sole, giving your feet time to get used to the shoes.

Using a wool insole

Our other type of insole, the bLifestyle barefoot wool insole, works to keep your feet warm on cold winter days, preventing cold sores. Also designed to be worn with barefoot shoes, this insole is a soft, warm product that will have you "winterizing" almost any footwear in no time.

If the weather is rainy and inclement, we recommend treating your shoes with our Tecnolit Pro-Tech impregnating agent, which, thanks to nanotechnology, creates a water and dirt-repellent layer on the surface. You should also get a waterproof sock, which will also keep your feet warm and dry, as well as providing excellent ventilation, wicking away perspiration and antibacterial properties.
Add to that a wool insole and you can take on any terrain, whether you're hiking, climbing a mountain or a cliff, the non-slip soles of our shoes, plus the insole and sock, will give your feet the ultimate protection.

We care about animal welfare!

You should know that our wool products are exclusively responsibly farmed, which guarantees that these animals do not suffer from "mulesing", i.e. not cutting the area around the sheep's buttocks with a sharp knife so they don't suffer unnecessarily.

Wool insoles are a high quality, fluffy-soft, warm product that is eager to be your companion on a long winter hike. If you have any questions, contact us and we'll be happy to answer them!

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