Why is it important to have enough width for your toes?

Why is it important to have enough width for your toes?

Give your toes freedom: wear wide toe shoes

You may have guessed that the narrow, narrow-toed shoes that have been a traditional wear for centuries are not really friendly to our feet. Because as soon as you put on a pair of wide-toe shoes, you can immediately feel the change and almost play the difference. If you've only been browsing the traditional shoe store selection, it's time to try a shoe style that could change the way you think about shoes!

Shoe wearing habits

Look at the feet of a toddler, and then look at the feet of someone who has been wearing toe shoes or narrow, narrow-toed shoes for decades. The way a toddler's feet look, our toes should look the same at 40, 60 or even 80! Instead, what do we do? We squeeze our feet into tight, uncomfortable shoes and squeeze them for 8-10 hours a day, week after week, for years!

And here is the result! Hammer toes, ingrown, knobby toenails, huge bunions, calluses, and these are not just aesthetic problems! Back pain, arthritis, lameness, varicose veins, to name but a few of the most common consequences, which can also be traced back to incorrect footwear. When the toe does not fit properly in the shoe and the bones of the foot are forced into an abnormal position, our gait is far from ideal.

The ideal gait

You've probably heard that, in order to help young children develop a healthy footprint, experts encourage parents to encourage children to walk barefoot as much as possible. Barefoot walking allows the toes to spread out and the weight to be distributed evenly over the entire surface of the foot. The bones are in an ideal position, they take up their natural position and the gait pattern becomes harmonious, even and flexible.

During barefoot walking, the muscles of the foot are strengthened and the arches are maintained. The sole rolls nicely as you walk, so that the weight of the body is transferred evenly from the heel to the front of the foot, where the spread toes are responsible for maintaining balance.

Wide-toed shoes for a natural fit of the foot

It is therefore clear that, in order to achieve an ideal gait, the foot and toes must be given sufficient space, which is impossible in a narrow shoe. Whether we are talking about women's shoes or men's shoes, it is necessary for both sexes to choose shoes with a wide toe, especially if you are doing stationary work, playing sports, hiking or trekking. A wide toe allows you to do what barefooting does: it gives the foot and toes room to return to their natural position.

If the shoe width is right, you don't have to worry about painful walking and the aesthetic and functional problems listed above, as these shoes will provide the most ideal movement!

Our range of wide toe shoes

On our website you will find only comfortable, anatomical, wide-toe shoes, so feel free to choose any of them! You'll find shoes for every occasion, from elegant to sporty, from cool to conservative. If you want a really cool look, go for the beautiful burgundy leather boots from Ahinsa, a brand that no one will be able to pass by without a word! Of course, it also has a wide toe and is ideal for all-day horse-running.

A wide toe is a cardinal issue when you're looking for a comfortable and healthy footwear solution. Browse our range and decide for yourself, as we've brought you the best barefoot shoes in Europe! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we're here to help!
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