Women's work shoes don't have to be uncomfortable.

Women's work shoes don't have to be uncomfortable.

Women's barefoot shoes for the workplace!

You may have been eyeing women's barefoot shoes, but you haven't yet been brave enough to get your first pair. Whatever's holding you back, we're here on the blog to convince you that our shoes can be worn in any, and every, situation, and you can even wear them with a smart business set. Barefoot shoes are not only comfortable, they're also pretty, so it's definitely worth giving them a try! And once you've tried them, we guarantee you won't want to wear any other shoes!

What's it like to spend a day at work in an average woman's shoes?

An average woman's shoe tries to live up to societal expectations that are long outdated. The narrow toe design comes straight from the days when they tried to make women's feet look smaller than they actually are, so they were squeezed snugly inside the shoe.

Fashion trends also picked up on the narrow, long toe design, which caused the toes to be crammed further into the toe of the shoe, so it's no wonder that this resulted in unsightly bunions, hammer toes and overgrown, fungal nails.

Another problem is the soles of women's shoes. They are thick, even platform, and the heels are high, at worst stiletto heels. The balance of the body is completely upset, the weight is entirely on the front of the foot, making walking unnatural. The hard, thick sole presses against the ground all day long, without any contact with the ground.

And what if you wear it all day? Every step you take goes against the system that nature created! You're completely disconnecting from the anatomy of your foot and forcing it into an unnatural position. In the end, it's no wonder that by the end of the day your legs ache, your feet cramp, your waist is about to fall off and your spine can barely straighten.

If you move like this every day, your complaints will become permanent and you'll soon end up in the hands of doctors. And all because of a badly designed shoe!

What will functional shoes offer you?

Functional women's shoes will give your feet everything they could ever want! Freedom, comfort, painlessness and all-day comfort. You can achieve all this because these shoes have been designed by doctors and physiotherapists so that you don't have to worry about your spine hurting or your feet going numb all day, but can concentrate on the activity you're doing.

The slim, heel-less sole allows you to feel the ground beneath you and restores the natural strength of the foot and develops the muscles. The wide foot allows your toes to move freely, and the light weight means you almost don't feel like you're wearing shoes. And the innovative choice of materials makes your shoes sustainable and provides real comfort.

Which women's shoes can you choose from?

We reassure you that we have shoes for virtually every area of your life! If you work in a workplace where a smart, business look is expected, we recommend Leguano's Marilyn black leather shoes, the perfect addition to your business outfit. These shoes are handcrafted in Germany from cowhide leather with natural tanning agents.

But you'll also find smart casual shoes in fun colours, as well as sports shoes, hiking shoes and sandals, so you can always choose the right women's shoes for the job. If you need any help with our products or with barefoot itself, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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