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Ahinsa Bindu 2 Burgundy

Ahinsa Bindu 2 Burgundy

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Why stick to black when the world has so many colors? Mix in a splash of burgundy with these beautiful barefoot shoes that we handcrafted just for you. 

These casual Ahinsa shoes respect the shape of your feet. They free your toes, give you contact with the ground, and support a healthy stride. You’ll benefit your whole body and walk through the world with joy. 

Discover what it’s like to love every step you take. Brighten up your days with barefoot Ahinsa casual shoes. 

  • Designed by physiotherapists for a healthy stride
  • Handmade in the Czech Republic and Croatia
  • 100% vegan
  • Premium style for the theater, office, or park

    Lukáš Klimpera, physiotherapist

    “Ahinsa barefoot shoes aren’t just healthy for your feet, they’re good for your whole body. The results of measurements taken at Masaryk University showed that a foot in an Ahinsa shoe leaves almost the same footprint as a completely bare foot.”

    Barefoot Line: Free your feet

    Have you ever noticed how your shoes have a completely different shape than your feet? Ordinary shoes restrict and cramp your feet, so you can’t wait to take them off at the end of the day. 

    Try wearing barefoot shoes, which give your toes the natural space and flexibility they need. In Ahinsa shoes, every step you take becomes a gentle massage for your feet — and your brain. Did you know that walking barefoot stimulates brain centers? 

    And that’s not all. Wearing barefoot shoes also: 

    • Activates your entire kinetic chain 
    • Engages your core stabilization system
    • Supports the function of your internal organs 

    Wear shoes that respect the natural shape and elasticity of your feet. 

    Never worn barefoot shoes before? These shoes come with foam insoles to soften each step. Once you’re ready to transition to barefoot, simply remove them.

      CF+ material: Dry feet — rain or shine

      Whether you’re jumping in puddles with style or climbing up a hill in the heat of summer — your feet will always stay dry. 

      Our shoes are made from the highest quality European material CF+ (Cruelty Free High Performance material). The outside stays dry while the inside absorbs and reduces moisture. 

      Even better? CF+ is extremely durable. You can scratch them with a fork (we’ve tried) and you won’t see a thing. Finally, shoes that won’t get scuffed up the moment you wear them outside!

      • Wicks away sweat from your feet
      • Waterproof
      • Scratch-resistant
      • 100% vegan

        Lifo+: Extra flexible German outsole

        Your feet have the amazing ability to adapt to any terrain. Bring back your natural range of motion with the Lifo+ outsole. It’s as lightweight and flexible as the sole of your own foot. 

        Lifo+ soles are also slip-proof, even on wet surfaces. Really, we’ve tested them ourselves. 

        • Thin, lightweight sole
        • Reliable even on wet surfaces
        • Maximum flexibility
        • Resists wear (non-slip)



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          Könnyű és Tökéletes

          Nagyon meg vagyok vele elégedve! Könnyű, nagyon jó benne a talaj érzet és ráadásul még vízálló is!

          Szép és minőségi

          Nagyon jó vékony a talpa, igazi mezítlábas érzés benne járni. Én gyakran lerúgom a cipőim orrát, ezt is nyúzom már jópár hónapja, de nem látszik rajta kopás. Sokan megdicsérték, olyanok is, akik nem is hordanak mezítlábas cipőt :)