Barefoot shoes are about as comfortable as it gets.

Barefoot shoes are about as comfortable as it gets.

Is there truly a comfortable shoe? We'll prove that there is!

Foot pain, back pain, lower back pain – often we wouldn't even think that a trivial cause is behind them. Those who are on their feet all day, due to continuous standing and walking required by their work, often feel exhausted and tired by the evening, as if their feet are about to give up. However, a comfortable shoe can often alleviate these problems, and by simply changing your footwear, you can bid farewell to these troubles.

Yes, but what should we wear to ensure a healthy posture, gait, and to avoid struggling with pain? In our blog, we will reveal the secret and prove that comfortable shoes do exist!

The selection in shoe stores

If you have already gone through the usual rounds in regular stores and tried on countless shoes of various shapes, heel heights, and materials, but still don't feel any of them are truly right for you because your problems persist, then pay attention to us!

The average shoes found in shoe stores hardly meet the natural anatomy of our feet! The creators of Manimal Footgear, Chad and Klara, struggled with these same problems until they realized that their pain eased when wearing certain shoes.

This led to their mission, in which they first sought out the ideal, comfortable shoes for themselves, and when they found them, they decided to introduce the barefoot experience and the secret of pain-free perfect walking to you and everyone else.

But why barefoot?

The answer is very simple! We should support and maintain our feet as nature created them. However, what do most shoe brands do? They squeeze our toes with narrow toe boxes, force our feet into unnatural positions with high heels, and lose the connection between our soles and the ground with thick cushioning. Look into a shop window, what do you see? Stilettos, platforms, narrow, square toes. We're not saying that such shoes wouldn't be an excellent choice for an elegant event, but we're saying that we shouldn't wear them in everyday life!

So, is barefoot the secret to comfortable shoes?

Yes! These shoes are designed to fully simulate natural walking. Physiotherapists utilized all their experience to develop these wonderful shoes, allowing your feet to feel like kings or queens during all-day movement, standing, sports, hiking, and simply soar the whole time.

What are these shoes like?

Their design is based on the principles of anatomical footwear, so the basic concept is the same for all of them. The black Flex shoe from the Freet brand also meets these expectations in every aspect.

It is crucial that the sole is thin. You have surely heard of reflex zones on the sole of your foot, and we're even certain that you have walked through specially designed pools in wellness centers where you had to balance on stones, or perhaps you have visited one of Hungary's barefoot trails. With barefoot shoes, you don't lose the connection to the ground.

Additionally, these shoes have no heels since our feet are naturally at a consistent height, and they have a comfortable, wide toe box, allowing the toes to freely spread out. The shoes are lightweight, so you hardly notice wearing them, and they are flexible, making it easy to fit them into a small bag.

If you are just getting acquainted with comfortable barefoot shoes, we recommend wearing the insoles they come with until you get used to this new sensation. Once you feel ready for the real thing, remove the insoles and enjoy the freedom! Feel free to reach out to us if you need any assistance!
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