Barefoot shoes for Healthcare Professionals

Barefoot shoes for Healthcare Professionals

Barefoot shoes for health professionals - if you really want to be good for yourself!

Working in healthcare is very demanding on the human body. Whatever your position, it makes a difference what shoes you wear. Barefoot shoes are the perfect solution for healthcare professionals, as this job usually involves a lot of standing and movement. At the end of the day, feet get tired and can easily develop aches and pains. But there is a solution to prevent them, and we've got it for you!

Introducing Leguano "Care" shoes for health professionals

Yes, this shoe is made for you, the healthcare professionals! It has been developed with all the specific aspects that come with your profession in mind, nothing has been overlooked. And that's how we came up with this special shoe that'll have you working your entire shift without a care in the world. You can be sure that when you wear these shoes, you won't encounter any waist pain, leg pain or back pain due to improper movement.

In our previous blog, we've shown how barefoot shoes can stand up to all-day work, and the Leguano shoe has added extra features on top of that!

How does this shoe differ from your regular shoes?

Many people have tried to create a wide variety of comfortable work footwear to wear for all-day work, but with little success. The basic problem starts with the fact that these shoes usually have some kind of insole that is put in to hold the foot in place. As a result, however, they achieve exactly the opposite effect! The insole causes the feet to relax, the muscles in the sole and the foot don't work, so the arch becomes weaker and starts to sink.

The Leguano "Care" shoe, however, has a thin and flat sole, which puts the sole in real contact with the ground and keeps the muscles in constant contact as you walk. Walking correctly helps to reduce back and lower back pain and keep the foot healthy.

Other features of Leguano "Care

Many shoe manufacturers put thick, rolling soles or semi-heels on work shoes. This also causes the above problems and adds to the weight of the shoe, which then has to be worn all day long. However, the Leguano "Care" shoes are ultra-lightweight, so you can hardly feel anything on your feet, but you can still feel completely safe, as the shoes are completely resistant to all external influences and liquids.

The importance of sterility

In healthcare, it is vital to be able to perfectly disinfect all garments, which is why Leguano "Care" shoes are designed to be disinfectible and washable, so you don't have to worry about microorganisms. Also, very importantly, they have a special sole construction that prevents you from slipping. It's also no problem if something spills on the floor or has recently been mopped up, because the hemispherical studs on the sole provide a firm grip.

Comfort is essential, so you can adjust the shoe to your size with Velcro, so it will fit your foot precisely and can be put on in no time. The wide toe box ensures that your toes can rest comfortably on the ground all day long and won't be cramped in the front of the shoe.

The Leguano "Care" shoe is naturally snow-white in colour for healthcare professionals, so it also blends in perfectly with clothing. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer them, or visit our shop!

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