So, why make the switch to barefoot shoes?

So, why make the switch to barefoot shoes?

Give your feet their due! Switch to barefoot shoes!

For many people, the idea of changing shoes often only comes up when they have serious health problems. And the fact that they are suspicious about their footwear is a good sign! Chad and Klara, the creators of Manimal Footgear, have experienced first hand that constant back and hip pain comes from wearing shoes that are not designed correctly, and by chance they discovered that barefoot shoes can solve this problem!

In our blog, we'll show you why you should try minimalist shoes and how this footwear can help you walk correctly and have a pain-free everyday life.

What are the characteristics of barefoot shoes?

These shoes are designed to fit the natural anatomy of the foot, taking into account all aspects of what nature has created. They have been developed with the help of physiotherapists, who have used their many years of experience to create the perfect footwear. This has led to the creation of what can be called barefoot, minimalist, functional or anatomical shoes.

When you put on this footwear, you simulate walking barefoot, which is the most natural feeling. The brands we stock are the best in Europe, selected with complete trust in these manufacturers. You'll find women's shoes, men's shoes and unisex footwear to choose from.

The sole design

The sole of a barefoot shoe differs in three ways from the sole of any ordinary shop-bought footwear.

One important difference is the thickness of the sole. An average footwear has a thick sole and platforms are very fashionable. However, all this means that the sole has nothing to do with the ground, even though during natural walking our feet are constantly aware of the unevenness of the ground and the reflex zones and nerve endings on them are constantly stimulated. Just think how incredibly good it feels to take off your stiff shoes and massage your feet after a hard day's work. But with barefoot shoes, the sole gets the stimulation it needs all day, step by step.

The other important difference is the heel size. That is, there is no heel. Because our feet are completely straight, this ensures that the weight is evenly distributed over the entire surface. A heel, however, throws the body out of balance.

The third difference is the flexibility of the sole. The sole of a barefoot shoe is soft and flexible, fully collapsible, yet durable and protective. In addition, the Leguano Kosmo boot has excellent slip resistance, providing traction in snow and ice.

The upper

All barefoot shoe brands take great care to use a wide toe box design, which allows the foot to fit comfortably and the toes to spread out and assume an ideal position when walking. The upper is made from vegan and ethically sourced leather, as well as innovative materials such as coffee grounds. They are easy to clean, can be machine washed in many cases, are ventilated, antibacterial and can be worn without socks.


Light weight is a feature of all barefoot shoes, so wearing these shoes is like having nothing on your feet. It is also worth using insoles during the adjustment period, as barefoot shoes are a big change from normal footwear, so give your feet time to get used to them!

Our barefoot shoes are made in the highest quality in the Czech Republic, Germany and Portugal, feel free to choose from them and if you have any questions, please contact us!

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