We got your healthy shoes right here

We got your healthy shoes right here

Healthy shoes? They're right here with us!

Look, our feet's well-being is a pretty big deal, right? The shoes we wear can make or break our day. Walking is part of our lives whether we're on the clock, chillin', or just havin' a ball. So it's kind of crucial to treat our feet with the comfort they deserve. Now, usually, comfort means health, but there are a few extra things we need to pay attention to when shoe shopping.

Our feet are like our body's foundation!

Think about it, when you're building a house, the foundation is super important. If it's shaky, you can't build a sturdy house on it, and if you try, well, it's either gonna collapse or crack here and there. Our feet are basically the foundation of our body, carrying our weight and all. So if we mess with their balance, it's a surefire way to health problems.

Healthy shoes, healthy body!

Our feet were designed to carry our body weight with ease. Every part of our foot has its role to play. Wearing ill-fitting shoes for a long period can deform our feet and they won't be able to do their job properly.

And when that happens, our body starts to compensate. You get bunions, hammer toes, blisters on your feet, heavy feet, and constant back, waist, and spine pain. Shocking, but all this could be because of a lousy pair of shoes! That's why we need to find shoes that support our foot's natural shape, and you can get these on our website – meet our ultra-healthy barefoot shoes!

Why are barefoot shoes so healthy?

A lot of people have tried to make shoes that feel like you're walking barefoot. It makes sense, because what's more natural than walking barefoot, right? But let's face it, we can't walk around barefoot all the time – we need to protect our feet from dirt and possible injuries. But we need to do it while keeping that healthy walking feel.

That's how barefoot shoes were born. They're designed by physiotherapists who know all about the anatomy of our feet and the dynamics of our walk. The Leguano Beat Anthracite is a multi-purpose shoe. You can use it for sports, work, hikes, or whatever you want – your feet get the ultimate protection and comfort! The results have amazed even experts! Disappearing musculoskeletal issues, decreasing chronic pain, strengthening foot arches, and curing flat feet show that we're on the right path!

Why are these shoes so effective?

Those with flat feet or transverse arch collapse might be wondering: how does barefoot work when they've been recommended the exact opposite, like hard-soled shoes with insoles instead of soft, straight, heel-less ones? The answer is simple: flat feet are caused by weak muscles that can't hold up the arch, causing it to slowly sink towards the ground.

What do barefoot shoes do? They don't compensate, they don't support – they do the opposite: they force the muscles and ligaments to work and get stronger, to hold up the arch themselves! This way, with every step, we're closer to a healthy and pain-free life, and these healthy shoes are here to help us.

On our site, you'll only find healthy shoes. Check them out, find your favorites, and give them a try. If you have any questions, just give us a shout, and we'll get back to you soon.

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