Collection: Men's Shoes

If you're looking for comfortable, all-day, cool or classic minimalist men's shoes, you've found it! We've strived to bring you the best barefoot shoes in Europe, so you can shop for your new footwear with ease. We've got almost every style to choose from, and a very wide range of sizes, so we're sure you'll find the perfect fit.Take a look around and add what you like to your basket. If you buy from our stock, you can pick up your new acquisition in our Székesfehérvár store within 4 hours!

A few words about barefoot shoes

If you look through our collection, you'll see that we have some excellent barefoot shoes, all of which are in line with the minimalist concept. The thin, heel-less flexible sole allows your foot to almost touch the ground, strengthening your foot muscles and keeping your footwear in place. The flexible outsole helps you keep your stride, while the wide upper leaves room for the foot and toes so they won't deform like in a classic narrow-toe shoe.

Our shoes are made from sustainably sourced vegan or microfiber fabrics, or recycled coffee grounds or organic tanned leather, so they fit right in with your biohacking lifestyle. We offer five brands to ensure that everyone can find the footwear that's right for them.

Ahinsa brand

The shoes are handmade in the Czech Republic. They are designed by physiotherapists to be extremely comfortable and take full account of the anatomy of your feet. The uppers are made from vegan material, these shoes are healthy to walk in, so they can also help with musculoskeletal complaints.

If you are wearing barefoot shoes for the first time, you can start by wearing the Comfort insole that comes with the shoe, then once your feet get used to the new sensation, you can remove it and enjoy the true barefoot feeling. Choose from a range of styles and colours.


Bosky brings you the most ideal footwear for summer, sandals. Flexible soles with absorbent insoles, available in leather or natural hair. These sandals are also suitable for the outdoors, so feel free to climb the rocks on the beach!

Freet men's shoes

One of the most comfortable, as the asymmetrical upper allows the toes to spread perfectly. The upper is made from recycled coffee grounds and the sole has excellent ground contact, but you can also wear it for the first time with the matching insole, which has excellent shock and shock absorption. You can also find sports or hiking shoes and winter shoes in our range.


Leguano shoes are made in Germany and bring you the ultimate barefoot feeling. Extremely flexible, you can even roll them up into a ball. The non-slip sole makes them versatile and the winter version has a warm lining. Sports and everyday shoes are also incredibly flexible, so they're great for running too, as the flexible sole helps you while you run. When they get dirty, you can put them in the washing machine. Choose cool colours and use them every day!


Find the best leather shoes from this brand in fantastic colours. Boots, street style shoes, flat and thin rubber soles for a healthy running and walking experience. The brand's products are made in Portugal, and the skins are exclusively tanned with plant-based ingredients, so even if you don't wear socks, you don't have to worry about chemicals on your feet.

Our Freet and Leguano brands are great functional footwear for people with big feet, so set the filter and the site will only list the shoes that are right for you!