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Hickies 2 EZ Laces Neon Multicolor

Hickies 2 EZ Laces Neon Multicolor

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Never tie your shoes again!

This shoelace revolution started in America and is attracting more and more fans around the world. We all wear shoes, but who wants to tie untied shoelaces or constantly hunch over while tying shoelaces? Shoes "tied" with Hickies do not need to be tied on and off all the time. You only need to thread it once and you're done! You just put on and take off your shoes and that's it! Transform any lace-up shoe into a simple slip-on shoe!


- Gives the shoe a unique style.
- Each package contains 14 HICKIES straps, which is enough for 1 pair of shoes.
- Improved strap and buckle design provides greater durability and safety.
- One size, flexibly adjustable.


Made of durable, thermoplastic elastomer, does not contain latex!

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