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Freet Mudee Brown

Freet Mudee Brown

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Barefoot in the wild, Mudee is a weatherproof, all year round boot suitable for hiking and leisure.

Mudee features our second generation of Microfibre upper material performing similar to the highest grade of leather but quicker drying. The fit is a little more generous than our older Freet styles, but you still are likely to need to go a size larger than your ‘normal’ size for other brands

  • All our shoes are fully flexible, have a roomy toebox and are zero drop (same height at front and heel) to allow natural movement
  • Breathable, durable, highly water resistant and easy care upper made from our advanced hydrophobic microfibre material – MicroF2.  Unlike leather, which tends to absorb water, our MicroF microfibre sheds water (hydrophobic), making it quicker to dry.
  • Water resistant and breathable lining
  • Freet 5in1 asymmetric forefoot for natural foot shape allowing toes to spread naturally
  • ConnectComfort removable 2.5/3mm OrthoLite insole aids shock absorption whilst ensuring excellent ground connectivity. There is a 5/6mm OrthoLite insole and RockPlate available to purchase if you want more shock absorption and/or further protection from sharp rocks
  • Conventional lace
  • GripPlus performance outsole ideal for light trail or mixed trail/urban use. If worn purely on tarmac/concrete, this outsole will wear more quickly than our MultiGrip, but provides more grip on the trail than MultiGrip
  • Black or Tan Brown
  • Vegan
  • Stack height: 7mm (4mm without insole)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Élvezem a széles lábfejrészt és azt, hogy jobban érzem a talajt

Az első barefoot cipőm ez a Freet Mudee.
Elsőre egész meglepődtem, mert nem ütött el nagyon a viselési érzet  a klasszikus cipőimtől. Óvatosan ismerkedünk, egyelőre a kertben hordom alkalmi jelleggel, utcára, aszfaltra még nem mertem benne menni.
Elsőre kissé nyomta a lábujjaimat ott, ahol megtört a felsőrész lépés közben, de azóta ez elmúlt, és nagyon kényelmes, élvezem a széles lábfejrészt és azt, hogy jobban érzem a talajt. Külön öröm a cipő vízhatlansága.
Ami a külsejét illeti, van egy kis "ősemberes" beütése, de hamar ráállt a szemem, a férjem meg első látásra is megdicsérte az új cipőm külsejét :)

Már most azon gondolkozom, hogy milyen legyen a következő barefoot cipőm :)

Tamás Nagy

Freet Mudee Brown

John Doe
Freet Mudee Brown

It's amazing. No problem so far. :-) It was even complimented by one of my coworker.

dejan dasic
Freet Mudee Brown_2 weeks in

Ever since I've heard of barefoot shoes, I've been loving the idea. Having taken some time to investigate the market, my first barefoot shoes have been a pair of Merrel TrailGloves, after which I realized that I needed something as comfortable for the office. I then purchased Ahinsa Sundara Ankle Boots and am loving them to bits for months now. As can be expected, I have recently realized that I need something as waterproof for the everyday - go to the market, take a walk in the woods, but also visit the offfice on Casual Friday. That's when I purchased Freet Mudee Brown from the good people of Manimal. Even though I knew exactly what I wanted, Chad and Klara have been very welcoming and patient and have introduced my wife to the world of barefoot shoes. Also, they probably have the best cup of espresso east of Italy :-)
In any case, the Freet Mudee have been exactly what I expected of them to be. Short as my time wearing them has been so far, they prove to be an excellent all-rounder of a shoe and I am thankful that I have been able to purchase them at Manimal Footgear.