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Technolit Pro-Tect Leather and Textile Impregnating Spray 500ml

Technolit Pro-Tect Leather and Textile Impregnating Spray 500ml

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Pro-Tect Leather and Textile Impregnating Spray is a real High-Tech product for the moisture-absorbent-free coating of leather and textile surfaces.

The active ingredient provides protection against contaminants such as coffee, tea, red wine, cola and greasy sauces. It creates a water and dirt repellent layer on the treated surface. It can be used on all natural (natural) and synthetic materials as well as on leather. Recommended for rainwear or outdoor clothing as it does not affect the breathability of the fabric.

Surfaces exposed to rain or moisture will automatically drain off any liquid on the treated fabric. It is recommended for almost all materials (silk, cotton, leather, vegan-leather, microfibre, etc...) After use, there is no visible or perceptible damage to the treated surface. The protective layer that is formed remains for a long time (about 6 months) and provides long-lasting protection, even against chemicals (e.g. detergents).

It is also resistant to UV radiation for a short period of time and to cold-hot fluctuations.

For best results, treat the surface 24 hours before use.

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