Your shoes are probably too narrow...

Your shoes are probably too narrow...

Give your toes a break: introducing the wide-toed shoe

You may have already suspected that the narrow, pointy-toed shoes that have become a traditional choice for centuries are not really friendly to our feet. As soon as someone puts on a wide-toed shoe, they can immediately feel the difference and almost play the piano with the contrast. If you have only been browsing through the selection of traditional shoe stores so far, it's time to get acquainted with a shoe type that can fundamentally change your relationship with shoes!

Habits of shoe wearing.

Take a look at a child's foot, and then look at the foot of someone who has been wearing high-heeled or narrow, pointy-toed shoes for decades! As you see the shape of a child's foot, our toes should stand the same way even at the age of 40, 60, or even 80! But what do we do instead? We squeeze our feet into tight, uncomfortable shoes and torment them for 8-10 hours every day, week after week, year after year!

And the result is evident! Hammer toes, ingrown nails, bunions, calluses, and these are not merely aesthetic problems! Back pain, joint inflammation, limping, varicose veins, to name just a few of the most common consequences that can be attributed to improper shoe wearing. When the toes don't have enough room in the shoes and we force the bones of the feet into abnormal positions, our gait is far from ideal.

The ideal gait

You have probably heard that experts encourage parents to let their children spend as much time as possible barefoot in order to promote the healthy development of their foot arches. During barefoot walking, you can observe how the toes spread out and the body weight can evenly distribute across the entire sole. The bones assume their ideal positions, adopting a natural posture, resulting in a harmonious, even, and flexible gait.

During barefoot walking, the muscles of the sole strengthen, and the arches remain properly supported. The foot rolls nicely during walking, so the weight transfers evenly from the heel to the front of the foot, where the spread-out toes ensure balance.

Wide-toed shoes for the natural state of our feet

It is evident that in order to achieve an ideal gait, we need to provide sufficient space for the foot and toes, which is impossible in narrow shoes. Whether we are talking about women's shoes or men's shoes, it is necessary for both genders to choose wide-toed shoes, especially if you engage in standing work, sports, hiking, or trekking. The wide toe allows for what happens during barefoot walking: giving space for the foot and toes to return to their natural positions.

If the width of the shoe is adequate, there is no need to worry about walking being painful or experiencing the aesthetic and functional problems mentioned above, as these shoes will provide the most ideal movement!

The range of our wide-toed shoes

On our website, you will find only comfortable, anatomical, wide-toed shoes, so feel free to choose any of them! You will find shoes for all occasions, from elegant to sporty, from trendy to conservative. If you want a really cool appearance, go for the beautiful burgundy leather boots from the Ahinsa brand, which will definitely catch everyone's attention! Of course, this product also has a wide toe and is ideal for all-day activities.

The wide toe is a crucial factor when seeking a comfortable and healthy shoe solution. Browse through our selection and decide according to your preferences, as we have brought you Europe's best barefoot shoes! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!
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