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SandalsIn the summer heat, lightweight sandals are the best way to wear them. However, the sandal you choose is not always the best choice, because in the heat your feet can easily sweat and an uncomfortable sandal can also crack your heels in no time. But if you choose us, you won't have to worry about these problems!

All of our barefoot sandals are of the highest quality, so comfort is just waiting for you! The non-slip sole will allow you to tackle a mountain hike, and with the synthetic versions, even a small stream won't stand in your way.

We're committed to the barefoot feel, so we want to bring you great footwear for all seasons. And of course, summer is no exception, we've picked out the most comfortable models so you can click on the ones you like. Trust us, we've travelled all over Europe to find the best, so feel free to pick and choose!

Barefoot sandals

Our collection features products from several brands, including Bosky and Leguano sandals. Bosky is made in the Czech Republic, while Leguano is a German artisan brand. Whichever you choose, you'll be happy with them. Most of the sandals are unisex, so we have a very wide range of sizes (34-46). However, we also have large sizes for women's footwear, so feel free to shop around even if you have big feet.

Leguano sandals

There are two women's models on the site, one in black and one in blue. The Leguano Jara is available in sizes 34-44, a very pretty, more elegant sandal that you can wear for almost any occasion. The black version will go with any outfit, but the blue one is also very flashy. You can adjust the straps to the right size with Velcro and you don't have to worry about getting them dirty or dusty, as you can wash them in the washing machine.

Super summer footwear from Bosky

  • The Bosky Performance leather is an excellent leather sandal with a special non-slip Enduro grip sole and comfortable leather insole. The durable thin sole gives you a real barefoot feel, so you can wear them on hot summer asphalt or mountain terrain with confidence. Available in three versions, black and white, leather and natural rubber.
  • The Bosky Enduro leather 2.0 Y is also a mid-toe sandal, with a soft, flexible, yet strong sole. This special outsole is very durable and thanks to its pattern it provides perfect grip. An excellent sporty summer footwear for universal wear, available in several colours, the Honey version is a very eye-catching model.
  • The Bosky Enduro leather 2.0 X is a standard sandal, adjustable at both the toe and ankle with Velcro. The insole is made of leather.
  • The Bosky Light X sandal is a standard version with three Velcro adjustments. It is a really robust footwear, resistant to water and mud and dries quickly. You can count on this one, it will last!
  • The special feature of the Bosky Rare X Black sandal is the natural leather insole and the straps are made of leather. The sole is thin and has a special anti-slip design, the footwear itself is very flexible.
    The Bosky Light Y sandal is a toe-to-toe version, with an incredibly light weight that makes it stand out from the rest, but it also protects the foot on rough terrain and provides good traction. If you're looking for summer footwear for trail running or hiking, go for this one.
  • The Bosky Enduro 2.0 X model is a classic strappy piece with a synthetic upper and synthetic insole. Its special outsole design provides impact resistance and flexibility while running, while its pattern keeps it from slipping.

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