Return Policy


ManimalFootgear customer service: exchanges, complaints and returns


Can I exchange or return my barefoot shoes purchased from ManimalFootgear? 

If the shoes were only worn in the apartment and with socks for testing and show no signs of wear , an exchange or return is possible within 14 days of delivery or purchase in the barefoot shop. If the barefoot shoes have already been used outdoors, the shoes cannot be exchanged because in this case there are signs of wear and the goods are no longer for sale.

The exchange takes place, for example, if the size you purchased is wrong, under the conditions above mentioned. The customer can choose between a money return (or, if purchased online, a refund to the original account), credit or replacement.
Please note:
  • If the shoes have been worn for a longer period of time, they cannot be returned for hygiene reasons.
  • In the event of a return, you must bear the shipping costs.

How can I complain to ManimalFootgear if I have something to complain about?

A complaint occurs when the customer complains about justified material defects. 
We send the complaint with pictures of the defect, that you have to submit to the manufacturer's internal quality assurance department. They checks each individual case and then decide whether there is a complaint. We do work with different Manufacturers, some of them might deem it necessary to have the shoe you placed a complaint about shipped to them, then they will investigate the complaint by their quality experts. If they find, that the complaint has no place, for example the shoe has been damaged by incorrect use by the costumer, they will ship back the product to the costumer at the costumer's own cost.

Steps for smooth returns in the event of complaints

  1. Please write an email to and briefly explain your request. If you have a complaint, please attach photos of the purchase receipt/invoice and the damage to your shoes to the email.
  2. If your complaint is justified, the manufacturer might decide for you to return the damaged shoe to them. In this case you have to send them to MANIMALFOOTGEAR-Cipőbolt
    8000 Székesfehérvár, Budai Út 49-51.
     your own expence, then ManimalFootgear will forward it to the Manufacturer.
  3. Remove personal items such as: Hickies, your own Shoelaces, etc.....
  4. In case of Leguano shoes please wash the shoes at 30° on a gentle cycle and in the laundry net. For other Manufaturers, please clean the inside and outside of the shoes. For hygiene reasons, shoes cannot be returned if they have not been cleaned beforehand.
If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service by email ( ).

General information

  • If the barefoot shoes that you have purchased from ManimalFootgear do not fit, or simply you don't like them for some reason, you have 14 days to return them to the following adress:
    8000 Székesfehérvár, Budai Út 49-51.
  • Please note that in this case you will incur shipping costs.
  • Barefoot shoes that have already been worn are excluded from exchange. Please only try out the shoes on clean surfaces (indoors). Nagylók Farm Kft. (ManimalFootgear) only takes back goods that are in new condition.
  • For hygiene reasons, please always wear socks when trying on barefoot shoes.
  • Please note that processing cannot take place without a receipt.
  • We will refund your money in the same way. For example, if you pay via Bank Card, you will receive your amount back to your Bank Card account after checking the goods.
  • The IBAN is always required for refunds from cash sales or partial refunds.
  • Due to the high volume, no notification is sent by email when goods are received or dispatched. If you have any questions, please email ManimalFootgear's customer service at