Collection: Unisex

If you already know the barefoot shoe feeling, or if you're just getting acquainted with this innovative shoe style, you'll find everything you need here! Our unisex shoes can be worn by both genders with confidence, as they're comfortable, healthy and fit everyone!In this category, you'll find shoes that come in a wide range of sizes, so whatever your foot size, you'll discover a variety of styles in your size. Use our filters and browse our range to find your favourite, which you can easily order from us.

We feel it's our mission to show everyone how extraordinary it feels to wear barefoot shoes. So we tried a lot of minimalist shoe brands and selected the best ones to create our collection. To make our shoes easily accessible, we have opened a physical store in Székesfehérvár, where we have a huge stock, and you can also access these great products in our webshop.

Our unisex shoes features

All our unisex shoes feature a slim sole to keep you in active contact with the ground and a wide toe box to fit your feet and toes comfortably. The shoes are light as a pill and made from sustainable materials, and have no heels to preserve the natural anatomy of the foot. We stock sizes 34-49, we recommend you tick the correct size first so that we only display shoes that we have your size.

Brands we stock

You can set our filter if you are only looking for products from certain brands. We carry the brands Ahinsa, Bosky, Freet, Leguano and bLifestyle, as these brands are the best on the market.

Our Ahinsa shoes are designed by physiotherapists, so you can be absolutely sure that they are comfortable and healthy. They come from the Czech Republic and are made from vegan materials. They have a comfort insole that transitions to a barefoot feel. When you're ready, take off the insoles and enjoy the feeling of walking naturally!

Bosky is the sandal specialist. They're made with flexible and slip-resistant soles, making them a must-have for summer hikes. Your feet will certainly not slip in them, as their special material absorbs sweat.

Our Freet brand innovates with recycled coffee grounds, which are used to make an excellent upper. It's an innovative product and one of the most comfortable on the barefoot shoe market, as its asymmetrical upper perfectly models the shape of the foot. Its sole provides optimum ground contact and also includes an insole, which is worth using in the early days as it has both shock and shock absorption.

Leguano is a German brand that's very flexible, you can even wrap it up and squeeze it in your bag. Available in a variety of colours, it's an excellent barefoot shoe.

Choose bLifestyle if you're sticking to leather shoes. This Portuguese brand makes unique barefoot shoes, replacing leather with plant-based materials to protect the environment and your skin.

How to buy

Choose the shoes you like and click on the right size. If you want to continue browsing, add them to your cart, but if you're done browsing, you can immediately press the checkout button where you can enter your details.

If you have chosen more than one product, click on the shopping cart icon in the top left corner, then click on the order button and enter your details. You can choose home delivery or you can pick up your order in person at our shop.

Unisex barefoot shoes give you the comfort you need for everyday, eliminate your foot-back-ankle pain and take care of your foot health.