Sizing Chart

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE FOR YOU? Shoes should never hurt or squeeze your feet! At the same time, they shouldn't be too roomy either. Try the shoes on in the socks you normally wear. Unfasten the shoe so that your heel is in the right position in the shoe (touching the inside heel of the shoe). When trying on, it is a good idea to lift your heel slightly and put your weight on your toes - this will allow your toes to slide forward slightly and see if there is enough room for them in the shoe. Lace it up, tie the shoe and walk around in it for a while to see if it's comfortable for free movement.
Place your bare feet on the floor so that your heels touch the wall. Place a box or other straight-edged object (e.g. a ruler) in front of your toes so that it touches the tip of your longest toe. Place your full weight on the toes. Then carefully remove your foot and measure the distance from the wall to the edge of the box. This will be the length that will determine what size shoe you need. Choose your size from the chart by brand and you're ready to shop!

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Measurements below are in millimeters.