Ill fitting shoes

Ill fitting shoes

Ouch, this shoe feels terrible!

When you're wearing improperly selected shoes, you might unfortunately notice that indeed "the shoe feels terrible". If this uncomfortable feeling appears, then either you continue tormenting your foot, which will have both short- and long-term consequences, or you banish the given shoe to the back of your closet. In this case, the latter solution seems more effective, as it protects your health. However, if you select your footwear correctly, you will no longer utter the above sentence.

But why is the shoe pressing on my foot?

The question could be rhetorical, and we could blurt out that it's because it's too small, but that's not the correct answer. A shoe can press on the foot for several reasons, and the size problem is only one of them. We need to examine what causes this issue and how it can be fixed. In the following, we try to find several explanations for the question above.

You have chosen the wrong size!

Yes, this is a classic problem. Even with the best quality and design shoes, you can get the size wrong. This can also happen if the brand's sizing differs from the average, so you need a larger or smaller size.

In our online store, we also emphasize the importance of ordering the ideal size footwear for you, so we help you choose with a sizing chart. This helps you to know which size will be appropriate for your correctly measured foot for each brand.

If you're shopping in person, always tie your shoes and walk in them, or try the different terrains found in our store, and only buy the size you find comfortable!

You've chosen a shoe of the wrong shape!

A large proportion of the shoes available in shoe stores are designed for narrow feet, although our feet widen. However, average shoes don't follow the shape of the foot but try to force an artificially designed shape. This results in the toes becoming crowded, the foot struggling, and you just feeling that the shoe is pressing on your foot.

This is indeed an uncomfortable feeling in the short term, but in the long term, it can lead to hammer toe, bunions, back pain, and other musculoskeletal problems. However, if you choose the barefoot shoes available on our site, this problem will definitely not occur because all our shoes anatomically follow the shape of the foot and have a wide foot.

Barefoot shoe manufacturers and distributors are committed to everyone wearing comfortable and healthy shoes, thus regaining their health and pain-free life. These shoes will help your foot return to the correct position and not have to suffer in a forced situation every day.

You are wearing poor-quality footwear!

Finally, let's turn to the fact that poor-quality shoes can also cause the above problem. Unfortunately, you may encounter ads that pop up on social media or other channels selling unknown brands, shoes that look good on the outside, but are shoddy.

It's easy to fall into the trap of seeing a product with a cool and trendy exterior and ordering it, but usually, the bitter realization comes after opening the package that they have sent you a shoe made of poor material, uncomfortable, and unwearable. Don't torture yourself with it, consider it tuition, or send it back if possible.

If you buy the quality barefoot shoes available on our site, you can be sure that you will never have to worry about shoes that don't fit right.
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