Collection: Accessories

Very important accessories for shoes can also be found in our online shop. They can help you look after your shoes or add a little something extra to your footwear if you want a change.

In this category you'll find innovative laces in a variety of colours that are easy to use, comfortable insoles, special waterproof socks, wash bags that make washing shoes and delicate garments easier, and waterproofing sprays to ensure the long life and water resistance of your footwear. Browse our range and choose from a selection of useful products to suit your needs.

Our company has been striving for years to bring you the best barefoot shoes, we're glad you're here! Our quality collection includes women's, men's and unisex barefoot shoes, sandals and useful accessories. We've chosen brands like Ahinsa, Bosky, Leguano, bLifestyle and Freet, so pick the one you like best!

Useful accessories

In this category you'll find accessories for your shoes that will make your everyday life easier. Browse our range and add what you need to your basket! You can use various filters, tick the products we have in stock, the brand or size, and you can also sort your search results by popularity, alphabetically in descending or ascending order, by price or by date. We wish you a pleasant selection!

Impregnating spray

Technolit Pro-Tect Leather and Textile Impregnating Spray helps your shoes to keep their like-new look for a long time, and also ensures their water resistance. Treat your footwear with it before the first use to protect it from dirt, as stains caused by coffee, tea, red wine, cola or greasy sauces can simply be wiped off, as the product creates a water and dirt repellent layer.

Wash bag

The Leguano washing net helps to ensure that shoes or other delicate garments are gently moved around during washing. When you put the shoes in the wash bag, the drum cannot damage them. Take care to wash only those shoes for which the manufacturer has specifically indicated this.