Musculoskeletal Problems and Barefoot shoes

Musculoskeletal Problems and Barefoot shoes

Minimalist shoe helps makes musculoskeletal problems go away

So many people come to us and trust the healing power of minimalist shoes because they are in constant pain. Health problems make everyday life difficult, with back pain, lower back pain and foot deformities affecting wellbeing. Obviously, the first port of call is to see a specialist, but treatments often only mask the symptoms, leaving the root of the problem. Often we and our shoes are only found as a last resort, but if you have found us, you've come to the right place!

Why do musculoskeletal problems develop?

In many cases, incorrect posture, one-sided loading, walking all day long, our bodies can no longer tolerate it and negative processes begin to set in. Joints become strained, muscles tighten, ligaments stretch, and our body signals this with pain.

If we ignore these signals and ignore our body's cry for help, after a while we may find that we have to sit down even after standing for a short time, our waist is aching, our back cannot straighten normally and our feet are becoming increasingly badly shaped.

What do we do in these cases?

Unfortunately, most people reach for painkillers, buy anti-inflammatory patches or try to rest the area when they feel pain. But these are only symptomatic treatments.

Foot deformities take a long time to develop, but they also take a long time to reverse and often require surgery. This is why it is important to make a change in time!

How can minimalist shoes help?

Unfortunately, people don't realise how much of an impact wearing shoes all day can have on our health. One of the creators of Manimal Footgear, Chad, discovered by accident that some shoes cause him no pain at all, while others are a pain to spend the day in.

After that, he consciously sought out minimalist shoes until he became a fully committed believer and wanted to help others. That's why they put together the Manimal Footgear range of products that can help others to end their persistent complaints.

How do our shoes work?

It's strange - you might think - that a shoe can have such an impact on our health, it's almost unbelievable. However, as small a change as it seems, it works! Our feet are the foundation for changing the position of our bodies, and if we get the foundations right, the structure will be right too.

Imagine a house that rests on straight, solid foundations. Put a sloping foundation underneath. What happens to the house? Of course it will move out of its plane and look tilted. So does your body when you put on a pair of high heels. It completely changes the balance, the load, and in order not to look like the house above, you have to compensate. Muscles and joints are put under abnormal strain and the sole of the foot is completely tightened.

The Leguano Go and all other minimalist shoes give our bodies a firm, stable foundation. Every muscle, joint and ligament can function as nature intended. The barefoot feeling energises you for the whole day, and slowly, slowly, all your parts fall back into place. With its wide footbed, our toes don't get congested, and its thin, flexible sole allows for active ground contact.

If you suffer from various musculoskeletal problems or would like to prevent them, try our shoes! Contact us if you have any questions!

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