Collection: Women's Shoes

As a dedicated ambassador of barefoot shoes, we are happy to have you here! We've brought you women's shoes that you're sure to feel good in, and we're sure your feet will thank you for the care! We offer only top quality barefoot shoes from the best manufacturers in Europe.All our products comply with the concept of minimalist, functional barefoot shoes, guaranteeing that your feet can finally return to their natural position. Take a look and choose!

The advantages of minimalist shoes

These shoes simulate the feeling of walking barefoot thanks to their special design. While women's shoes are usually narrow, with thick, stiff soles and high heels, which constrict the foot and cause pain, barefoot shoes allow the foot to move thanks to their wide upper and, in addition, their soft, thin sole without heels, which creates a permanent contact with the ground. After a short time, you will feel the benefits of our shoes, eliminating the feeling of fatigue and pain caused by incorrect walking.

Our range of women's shoes

You'll find the best brands in our collection, any of which we can recommend with confidence.

  • Our Ahinsa shoes are cool, very comfortable and the winter versions are warm. Designed by physiotherapists using years of experience and handmade in the Czech Republic and Croatia. A special advantage is that they have insoles, so you can easily switch to the barefoot version. If you're environmentally conscious, you'll be happy with the vegan use of materials. You can find winter and spring versions in the brand's range of models, as well as a choice of colours.
  • The Bosky brand brings you summer sandals. You can spend your days in comfort in the heat by choosing these minimalist footwear. The soles of these sandals have a special ribbed design for excellent traction on the ground, they are flexible and resistant to abrasion. A unique feature is that some models feature a natural hair insole.
  • Freet is a champion of innovation. It's developed an upper made from coffee grounds, but you can also find shoes made from hydrophobic microfibres, which resemble leather but dry much faster. The sole is flexible and zero drop, meaning no heel, which helps you walk naturally.
  • Our Leguano shoes are handcrafted in Germany. The Leguano sole provides a lightweight, feather-light gait. The winter version is warm and lined with fur, yet still gives a barefoot feel. You'll also find smart ballerina shoes, casual footwear and sandals from this brand.
  • The style of bLifestyle is relaxed and cool, and this is reflected in the colour selection and the shape. The brand offers shoes made in Portugal, mainly from natural leather. However, only organic, plant-based materials are used to tanned the leather, so you can wear them without socks. Their winter shoes feature a special wool lining, making them incredibly warm and comfortable. Flexibility is also a key requirement here.

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To browse women's shoes from a specific brand, use our search tool and click on the brand label, where you can select the brand you're looking for from the drop-down menu. Not all of our products are in stock, so if you are looking for shoes that you can pick up from us in up to 4 hours, tick the 'in stock' tab. Select your size and the site will list the models available.

Wearing barefoot shoes is a great feeling, find the shoe that suits you best.