Barefoot shoes love wide feet!

Barefoot shoes love wide feet!

Wide feet - not a problem... really!

For many people, having wide feet makes shoe shopping a real challenge. Traditional shoes are usually designed with narrow foot sections, and some fashion trends even intentionally make them narrower. As a result, shoes can squeeze the feet, leading to poor blood circulation, misalignment of bones, and the development of conditions like hammertoes and bunions. Not to mention the various pains that can become a part of daily life, making it much more difficult.

But fear not! Our shoes love wide feet!

When you embark on a shoe shopping journey, you go from store to store in search of comfortable shoes. You try one here, another there, but one pinches, another doesn't even fit, and you can't even lace up the third. Sound familiar?

Well, all those with wide feet or high insteps have experienced this frustration and end up disappointed, returning the desired shoes to the shelf. It's enough to discourage anyone from shopping, not to mention the online shops where, after returning a dozen orders, you hesitate to even click the "add to cart" button.

If you found yourself nodding enthusiastically while reading the above and recalling deep sighs from your past experiences, then you've come to the right place! Because here, wide feet are our foundation. We aren't surprised if you have a high instep or fuller upper foot. In fact, we welcome you and consider it a challenge to ensure that you leave us completely satisfied, with your new pair of shoes that finally make you feel good!

Why are our barefoot shoes comfortable?

If you take a look at our products on our website, you'll immediately notice that these shoes are designed to accommodate wide feet. That's because they follow the natural shape of our feet. We don't want your feet to conform to the artificially designed shape of shoes, which would force your big toe to squeeze towards the center, deviating from its normal straight position and causing discomfort by touching the other toes.

We want your toes to align as nature intended, which is why physiotherapists and orthopedic doctors have developed barefoot shoes that mimic the natural position of the foot.

Each of our shoes guarantees a comfortable and pain-free life, all while being modern, stylish, sporty, or elegant.

If you like cheerful, modern colors but still want an elegant look, take a look at the Ahinsa Ananda brown women's shoe, and you'll see that you don't have to struggle to fit your foot in its wide toe box. Your foot easily slips in, and you don't even have to unlace the shoe to put it on. If you wear it to work, use the brown shoelaces, but if you want to shine and attract attention, lace it up with the matching yellow laces!

Why choose barefoot shoes?

Having a wide foot is just one of the advantageous features of our shoes. They offer numerous other benefits as well. Together, these characteristics provide the "barefoot feeling," which can alleviate back pain, foot pain, and knee issues, allowing your feet to return to their natural state. Instead of eagerly kicking off your shoes after a long day, you'll happily take another stroll through town and treat yourself to a coffee at your favorite café.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or visit our store!
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