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Welcome to the world of Manimal Footgear, we are glad you found us! If you're looking to get rid of foot, back and waist pain, or if you're just looking for the perfect footwear, you've come to the right place, because we make every product a quality piece! We can introduce you to the barefoot feeling and help you find the best functional shoes in Europe.

We've got advice to help you make the transition to barefoot, and we've got useful accessories to go with your footwear. So immerse yourself in the feel of barefoot and shop for comfort and health! Enjoy your browsing!

In this category, we've listed all the products we have to offer, so you can browse freely and without obligation. However, if you want to filter out a segment of our quality collections, you can do so here too: use our filters for more precise results! If you tick the stock box, you'll only see products that you can pick up in our Székesfehérvár store within 4 hours.

Our Barefoot shoes

The vast majority of our products are of course our shoes. The barefoot is uniform in that it is extremely comfortable, designed with the anatomy of the foot in mind, so that by using it you can eliminate various musculoskeletal problems and pains that can be attributed to improper movement. The thin, heel-less sole, wide foot, light weight and flexibility allow the feet to move as if you were barefoot, but with excellent materials to protect them from damage and dirt.

You can spend the whole day hiking, trekking or working in these shoes, as they are optimally designed to protect your spine and feet. We offer women's, men's and unisex boots, trainers, sandals, ballerinas, casual and dress shoes in a wide range of sizes and in every colour of the rainbow. We also offer leather, textile and even coffee grounds uppers. Everyone can choose the version that best suits their convictions. We offer five brands, selected by us on the basis of our own experience.

Accessories (all)

On our site you will find very useful accessories designed to extend the life of your footwear and ensure comfort in all conditions. Technolit Pro-Tect waterproofing protects your shoes from dirt and makes them waterproof for a long time. Waterproof socks keep feet warm while wicking away perspiration and protecting against moisture. Antibacterial, breathable, excellent garment.

The wash bag protects footwear during washing in the washing machine, while the different coloured, tie-free laces make it easy to put on footwear. The insoles have a dual role, on the one hand to help with the transition from normal shoes, and on the other hand for shock absorption and longer hikes.


We have prepared two courses for you, the Elementary Legs Big Program and the Elementary Legs Mini Program. The aim of the programmes is to strengthen the legs in a professional way. The large programme offers a complete 12-week series of exercises to get your legs healthy and strong. The programme includes PDF instructions and videos to help you develop healthy legs, feet and hips.

The mini-programme will help you make the transition to barefoot shoes and have a healthy footprint even if you currently have problems. With PDF descriptions and videos, the programme will help you to have strong and healthy feet so you can run, jump and move freely. The products support a barefoot lifestyle.