Make your lacing as individual as you.

Make your lacing as individual as you.

Lacing up shoes is more exciting than we think!

Many people find lacing up their shoes to be just a chore that they have to do. Moreover, most people wear their shoes as they bought them and only re-lace them when the lace gets dirty and has to be taken out. If the shoe is washable, then they don't even have to worry about this, as it can go into the washing machine in one piece. However, in addition to holding the shoe firmly on the foot, the lace also offers playful opportunities and can even change the entire character of the shoe.

Possibilities of securing shoes

To feel comfortable in a shoe, it must certainly be customizable. Firstly, everyone's foot is different in size, so the size of factory-produced shoes needs to be adjustable, and secondly, to be able to put our foot into the shoe, we need space. Designers try to solve these functions in several ways.

Based on this, there is the classic laced solution, where we can adjust the width of the shoe with the help of the lace, and there is a modern version of this, which represents a flexible version. Then there is the peak of comfort, Velcro, and of course slip-on shoes, which usually have elastic on both sides for flexibility, or the upper part itself may be flexible.

If the upper part is small, like in a ballet shoe, then there is no need for any adjustment, as you can easily slip into it. You can find numerous accessories on our site, we have placed our shoelaces here, you can find them here.

Shoe lacing is not routine work at all!

If we would think that lacing a shoe is just an activity that has to be done, then we are mistaken. With an exciting lacing technique, we can completely change our shoes, and if we get a lace in an exciting color, we can make the most common shoe completely unique.

The Leguano shoelaces offer exactly this playfulness to their wearers, as they are available in several colors, so the same shoe will be different one day and different the other. You can choose from black, white, neon yellow, neon green, or possibly multi-colored versions, such as yellow/black, pink/gray, blue/white.

But we can experiment not only with colors but also with the lacing technique itself, from which we can get many great ideas on video sharing portals and try out. Feel free to experiment and try new formations.

What if we don't like shoelacing at all?

In this case, there is still the great American invention, the Hickies lace-free shoelace, which takes all the burden of shoe tying off our shoulders. You only need to place this on the shoe for the first time, after that you don't have to do anything else with it, because thanks to its flexible design, you will easily be able to put your foot into your shoes.

You can also buy these in several colors, so you don't have to fall into a boring look, because if you want a little change, you can immediately change it to a different color.

Those who hate laces, buy slip-on shoes!

It is understandable that there are those who don't want to deal with laces at all. This is not a problem either, as Manimal Footgear takes care of those who prefer slip-on or Velcro models. So all you have to do is look around on the site and you can choose what is sure to become one of your favorites!

Shoelace lacing is a fun activity, it's worth a try! If you have any questions, our customer service is happy to answer them on the given contact details.
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